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The Phytosanitary Certificate and Issuance Tracking (PCIT) system automates the issuance of a Phytosanitary Certificate, including collection and tracking of its related information, for an eligible agricultural commodity being exported to foreign countries.  Thousands of industry users and hundreds of federal and states duty stations are actively using PCIT.


The Web-based PCIT application is developed to meet the following objectives:

Enable the creation of electronic Phytosanitary Certificates.
Provide data standards to facilitate data integrity for reporting and interfacing with foreign governments.
Protect the PCIT data by incorporating defined security requirements.


This Help is designed both as a course in using PCIT and as an ongoing reference while you are working with the application.  To view the Help file, click the Need Help link at the top right of the page.

Refer to the PCIT Quick Reference Guides below for simple one page guides, broken down by topic and user, to help you quickly understand the basics of using PCIT.

NOTE:  If you experience problems accessing the PCIT Quick Reference Guides, Port 8087 needs to be open on the local network.

For Industry Users

PCIT Overview
Accessing PCIT for the First Time
Adding Funds to an Organization's Account in PCIT
Creating an Application
Setting Up New PCIT User Accounts
Certificate Replacement for Authorized Applicants

For Internal Users

Adding Funds to an Organization's Account in PCIT
Processing an Application


If you ever need assistance using PCIT, please contact the PCIT Help Desk.


 E-mail: pcithelpdesk@usda.gov

 Phone:  1-866-HLP-PCIT (1-866-457-7248)




PCIT has added functionality that will allow the ability to print a signature image in block 18, Signature of Authorized Officer, for PPQ Forms 577 and 579.
This is an optional feature for ACOs.  ACOs are not required to use a signature image when issuing PCIT certificates. 
When an original certificate is being printed by an authorized applicant and the ACO designated as responsible for the certificate has a signature image on file, the signature image will print on the original.
In addition, when an original certificate is printed by an ACO with a stored signature image, PCIT will ask the ACO if the signature image should print on the original certificate.  This allows the ACO the flexibility to physically sign original certificates when desired. 
Please contact your Export Certification Specialist for more information.