Update Additional Export Data

To add, edit, or delete an Additional Export Data link, complete the following steps:


1.Select the PExD Administration link from the left menu.
RESULT:  The PExD Administration page appears.


2.From the Select a PExD Administrative Function drop-down list, select Additional Export Data.
RESULT:  The PExD Administration: Update Additional Export Data page appears.


3.To add or edit an Additional Export Data Link, complete the following fields (required fields are indicated with a red asterisk):

a) Link Title:*  Enter the title of the external link.

b) Link URL:*  Enter the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), in other words the website's address.  For example, http://www.usda.gov.

c) Description:  This is an optional field.  Free text field where you can add details describing the external link.


4.When adding new Export Services contact information, the entries will be displayed in the table.


NOTE: Export Services contact information is provided to ECS users and above.


5.To edit an existing staff member, click the corresponding Edit button.
RESULT:  The current data displays under the Add/Edit Additional Export Data section.  You can update the information as needed, then click the Save button.


6.To delete an export data link, select the checkbox for the link you wish to delete or click the Select All link.  Then click the Delete Selected button.


7.To save your changes, click the Save button.


8.To cancel your edits and/or to return to the PExD Administration page, click the Back button.


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